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Nov 07, 2017

OREGON Q&A: What happens when Veterans Day falls on a Saturday?


Question: Under Oregon law, we know that veterans have the right to take Veterans Day off if they request it. This year Veterans Day (November 11) falls on a Saturday and we don’t normally work on weekends. Do we have to allow a veteran employee to take a different day off in observation of Veterans Day?

Answer: No, Oregon law requires only that you provide the actual day off if requested, but doesn’t require you to observe Veterans Day at a different time if the holiday otherwise falls on a non-working day. Since November 11 falls on a Saturday this year, you wouldn’t need to grant the employee a different day off if he or she wouldn’t otherwise be working on November 11. If an employee is scheduled to work on Veterans Day and wants to take the day off, the employee must provide you with at least 21 calendar days’ notice of the request and provide proof of qualifying veteran status. If granting the request would cause significant economic or operational disruption, or an undue hardship, then an employer can delay the day off until a mutually agreeable day within 12 months of Veterans Day. The employer can choose whether the employee takes the holiday as a paid or unpaid day off. If you have any questions about Oregon’s Veterans Day leave law, contact your Vigilant employment attorney.

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