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Mar 24 2020
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Q&A: Know pros/cons of reclassifying exempt workers to cut costs

Question: Our company is facing financial difficulty, so we’re considering reclassifying some salaried exempt workers as hourly nonexempt workers to cut down on payroll hours. Is that a good idea? Answer: Maybe, but reclassifying workers can have unintended negative consequences. Unfortunately, many companies are scrambling for ways to save money right now. Some…

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Jan 02 2019
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Best practice idea: Follow up after making disability accommodation

One of our Vigilant members has implemented a best practice that we think is worth sharing: annual check-ins with employees who are receiving workplace accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Annual Check-In: What’s Involved The company sends the employee a letter each year, reviewing what accommodations have been made and asking: (1)…

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May 24 2016
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Truck drivers misclassified as independent contractors cost employer $7 million

A shipping company in California will pay $7 million after improperly classifying 38 truck drivers as independent contractors, providing yet another example of the importance of accurate employee classification. The issues for the California shipping company began when the local Teamsters union attempted to organize the drivers. During the organizing…

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