Leadership, Safety and Legal Training

Developing Employees Through Training

Training Topics

Building Critical Skills

Whether you want enterprise-wide, team, or individual development, Vigilant offers standardized courses that can be adapted to meet your needs. These courses improve the overall effectiveness and productivity of your workforce.

How We Train

Recognizing that convenience, time, and location are critical factors, we offer three ways to receive training.
  • Courses conducted by industry experts at your facility at your convenience
  • Course options tailored to your specific industry or company needs
Open to Public
  • Courses offered regularly at a central location
  • Provides insights and perspectives from multiple industries
  • Allows learning to take place away from the everyday work distractions
  • Conveniently taken via computer or video conferencing for the most flexible learning
  • Courses can start and stop at any time, with placeholders

Upcoming Public Training Courses

Public courses are open to Vigilant members and the community and are located in select areas throughout Washington and Oregon.