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Apr 18 2017
Q&AHiringPrivacy & ConfidentialityTermination & Resignation  

Q&A: Use caution before telling the truth about former employee

Question: We just got a call from a business that wants to check on a former employee. They faxed a release the former employee signed waiving liability for information we share. Are we safe telling them what a bad employee she was?

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Jul 12 2016
Privacy & Confidentiality  

Employer responses to EEOC and non-confidential attachments may be shared

Beginning on January 1, 2016, any employer response to a claim filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and any non-confidential attachments will be given upon request to the individual who brought the claim to the EEOC. This change is designed to “strengthen” the EEOC’s investigation and ensure consistency between all EEOC…

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Mar 29 2016
Q&APrivacy & Confidentiality  

Are employers required to have gender neutral bathrooms?

Question: Does the law require employers to have unisex bathrooms even if we don’t have transgender employees?

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Oct 21 2015
Q&ADrug and AlcoholPrivacy & Confidentiality  

When is it okay to search an employee’s locker?

Q: Our custodial staff found beer cans in the lunchroom. We don’t know who could have been drinking at work and we’d like to search employee lockers in order to find out. Is that okay?

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