Workplace Safety

Keep employees safe.
Correct workplace hazards and reduce injuries.

Reduce workplace injuries, increase employee productivity and create a culture of safety.

Safety goes beyond OSHA regulations, safety manuals and monthly safety meetings. It starts with every employee, is managed day-by-day by your supervisors and leads, and it is supported and driven by company leadership. Your safety professional will work with your safety team to ensure safety is a daily priority and not an after-thought. From site hazard assessment to unlimited counsel, we’ll take the guesswork out of managing a safe workplace in Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho.

On-Site Safety

Vigilant Safety Services

Maintain a program of ongoing safety improvement with the help of your safety professional.
Site Hazard Assessment

With the help of dedicated safety professionals ready to help employers in WA, OR, CA and ID, we’re your second set of eyes and ears when it comes to identifying and correcting unsafe conditions and behaviors, surveying sound levels and ensuring proper design and use of equipment through ergonomic assessments. A site hazard assessment will be performed when you first join Vigilant—we’ll conduct a thorough site safety inspection and provide a report of our findings.

Technical and compliance safety counsel

Our safety team acts as an extension of your team to help identify, address and tackle all of your safety concerns. We understand one of these concerns is to ensure your operations are OSHA compliant. We’re available to answer your technical safety questions, review code interpretations, as well as conduct general safety inspections. In the event you do receive an OSHA inspection, we will help you respond appropriately to abate hazards, and start an appeal process, if necessary.

Safety Policy Program Evaluation

Safety policies must be updated regularly. It’s important to review your safety programs to ensure your policies and procedures are up to date, reflective of your current safety work practices, and that employees are being trained effectively. Your safety professional will work with you to review, update and develop your safety programs to ensure your safety policies and programs meet or exceed OSHA regulations.

Serious event response

While we do our best to prevent serious events, it is important to be prepared for them at your workplace. From a finger amputation to a factory fire, time is critical when responding and reacting to a serious event. Should a serious event happen, your dedicated safety professional will help you investigate, identify root cause(s), and set up a plan to prevent recurrence in the future.

Workplace safety counsel

Our goal is to help you keep your most important asset - your employees - safe, and out of harm's ways.

  • Do we contact you only once an accident or injury has occurred?

    No. We provide safety counsel from the moment you begin working with us. We help with safety compliance questions, injury and accident prevention as well as creating a culture of safety. Whether it's a hazard assessment or lockout question, we’re there to support your efforts and keep your business safe.

  • Can you help with workers' comp?

    Yes. When you’re a member of our Washington workers' comp retro program, you’ll work with a dedicated safety professional for all your safety needs including light-duty work assessments. Should an on-the-job injury occur, we will help you determine how to safely and quickly get your employee back to work with light/modified jobs. As studies show, people who return to work faster, get better faster.

  • What safety services are included in my monthly membership?

    One of the first things you receive when you join Vigilant is a safety program hazard assessment to help you identify potential areas for improvement. Thereafter, you can access your safety team for ongoing safety counsel, which is covered under your flat monthly fee. This includes questions about safety compliance, programs, policies and more. Intensive safety services (such as a comprehensive lockout audit of multiple facilities) are offered for an additional, discounted fee.