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May 21, 2020

WASHINGTON: Use Vigilant policy for COVID-19 manufacturer safety

COVID-19Safety and Health 

Vigilant has developed a model policy to help comply with Washington’s Phase 2 requirements for manufacturing employers to continue or reopen operations, which we reported on in our last newsletter. Under Washington’s Phase 2 manufacturing requirements, each manufacturing facility is required to create a written exposure control plan for COVID-19 (coronavirus) that addresses those requirements. For manufacturers that were deemed essential and allowed to operate throughout the statewide shutdown, you must comply with the Phase 2 requirements by May 27, 2020. For manufacturers that were deemed non-essential and closed during the statewide shutdown, you won’t be able to resume operations until you can meet and maintain all of the requirements listed in the Phase 2 guidance (and only if your county has entered Phase 2).

Vigilant’s new Model Policy, Washington Manufacturing Facility COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan must be tailored for your individual worksite. You’ll need to determine how your particular facility will address the requirements included in Phase 2, such as adjusting your work schedules, implementing control barriers, and conducting employee health screenings. This model policy will point you in the right direction, but you’ll need to customize it to ensure that it accurately reflects your efforts and the requirements that apply to your facility. Your Vigilant safety professional can help you tailor this policy for your worksite and your Vigilant Law Group employment attorney is available to discuss any legal issues involved, such as confidentiality obligations and what to do if an employee refuses to submit to a health screening.

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