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Apr 07, 2022

WASHINGTON: COVID-19 temporary rule renewed through August 4, 2022

COVID-19Safety and Health 

On April 6, 2022, the Washington Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) filed its emergency workplace safety rule to address COVID-19 (coronavirus), which is now effective through August 4, 2022. The prior rule expired on April 6, 2022. The updated rule (Public Health Emergency Reporting and Notification Requirements for Infectious and Contagious Diseases and Voluntary Use of Personal Protective Equipment) mostly continues existing requirements but provides a different procedure for health care employers to notify workers and unions of exposure.

When a workplace exposure occurs, employers in health care facilities now must notify employees with known or suspected high-risk exposure to the infectious or contagious disease within 24 hours. (Previously, no employee notices were required in the health care industry, in contrast to the existing requirement for non-health care employers to notify all employees who were at the same worksite on the same day as an infected person during the period they were contagious, plus their union representative, if any.) If applicable, notice must also be sent to the union representative of the health care employee with known or suspected high-risk exposure within 24 hours, but only if the employee gives permission.

Tips: Vigilant is in the process of updating our Legal Guide, At a Glance: COVID-19 Compliance in Washington in light of the changes. In the meantime, contact your Vigilant Law Group employment attorney for questions about time off related to COVID-19 and contact your Vigilant safety professional for advice on safety protocols.

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