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Oct 27, 2017

PPD Claim Vigilance Saves Retro Group Members More Than $700,000

Workers’ Comp 
Attention to Detail Pays Off with PPD Claim Savings
Vigilant’s Due Diligence Saves More Than $700,000 in Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) Claim Costs

One of the many ways Vigilant helps save money for our Workers’ Compensation Retro Group members is by reviewing each PPD case thoroughly and making sure all the information is correct and that the paperwork is in order. A simple misclassification or incorrect rating of an injury by a doctor can end up costing an employer thousands of dollars in unnecessary payments.

10 Years of PPD Claim Savings

Cases Where We Found Inaccuracies Since 2007: 103
Largest Single Case Savings: $33,000
Average Savings per Case: $6,923
Total Savings to Retro Group Members: $713,134

Mistakes Happen
But when mistakes do occur, they don’t get past the eagle eyes of Sandi Beasley, claims coordinator for Vigilant. In 10 years of tracking cases, Sandi has been responsible for saving Vigilant’s Retro Group members more than $700,000 by identifying and clarifying incorrect ratings reports.

Catching Costly Mistakes
Once the rating has been determined, Sandi is notified. She carefully reviews the claim and checks to see that the doctor’s rating has been based on the correct section of the AMA Guide to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, the standard most insurance companies use for determining impairments. The guide is a detailed 600-page book, and occasionally medical professionals whose primary concern is the care of injured workers will reference the wrong section or miscalculate when determining their rating. When she spots an error, Sandi will ask for clarification or a new rating from the doctor before any monetary award is made. Catching a mistake before an award is made is crucial not only to saving money for the employer, but also saving the worker from the stress of having to repay an incorrectly paid PPD award. And since L&I pays according to the doctor’s impairment rating without any question, Sandi’s vigilance of PPD claims is a unique and valuable extra service for our Retro Group members.
“You won’t find this kind of cost savings on most of the PPD claims filed,” Sandi says, “But when they happen, they can add up to a substantial cost savings to the employer and retro group.”
Sandi’s knack for spotting costly mistakes by cross-checking information in detailed documents is just another unique way Vigilant saves our Retro Group members money. If we see something on a claim that doesn’t add up, we’ll question and clarify so that you pay only for what your company is responsible for. That’s just the right thing to do.
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