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Mar 22, 2022

Keep good company for large retro refunds

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Receiving consistently large Retro refunds requires being in good company.

When evaluating your current Retro program or investigating in a Retro for the first time, a critical component to consider is the company you will keep. For any Retro program to deliver consistently strong premium refunds, it must surround you with other best-in-class employers. We are unwavering in our commitment to do just that for members of the Vigilant Manufacturing Retro Group in Washington State. We do it by providing rigorous attention to three key areas:

  • Meticulous vetting and focused underwriting: Before being invited to join the Vigilant Retro program, we will do a comprehensive risk analysis of your business in order to understand your commitment towards maintaining a culture of safety. Each year we also evaluate the performance of each member in the group to ensure that together we are performing at a level that will deliver substantial refunds as well as drive lower premiums over time for participants.  
  • Use of sophisticated and customized data analytics: We understand the inherent risks of operating in the manufacturing industry. Our analytical tools allow us to identify opportunities for targeted loss prevention, claims management strategies, and equipment investments with laser precision. These tools allow us to help our members address the primary drivers of their claims and keep them performing at a high level.
  • A holistic approach: The workers’ compensation system in Washington State is complicated. Navigating it successfully requires a team of professionals with skills ranging from claims management to employment law. As a Vigilant Retro participant, your dedicated service team includes a safety professional, claims manager and a Vigilant Law Group employment attorney. In addition, we have a team of insurance experts who every day are thinking about and taking actions focused on the quality and performance of our Retro group.

A word about group size:
You will see some Associations pointing to the size of their group as their key differentiator and seeking to grow bigger at all costs. Some small premium Retro programs inflate their group performance at the expense of their members by restricting their decision making and/or exposing them to potential assessments through risky insurance choices with L&I. Others outsource claims management or safety services. At Vigilant, we have taken a different approach. Being big for big’s sake has never been our goal. As employer advocates, our goal is to lower our member’s industrial insurance costs and provide consistent Retro returns while delivering superb service.

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