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Mar 15, 2023

Immediacy: Why your workers’ comp provider should be talking about it

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What are 5 things you should you be hearing from your Retro or workers' comp provider?

The first thing you should be hearing is the importance of immediacy. Why? In this short video, Dan Beaty, VP Workers’ Compensation explains:

In claims, immediacy can mean the difference of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Let's look at two possible scenarios for comparison:

Scenario 1
A worker is injured on the job with a laceration to his hand. He's immediately put on time loss by L&I. When all is said and done this claim costs you: $11,326 in excess premium due to its compensable status.

Scenario 2
Same worker, same injury, however this time you notify your work comp claims manager immediately about the claim. They respond right away, walk you through your options and help you determine that instead of having your employee go on time loss you can use kept-on-salary (kos) for this claim. This will result in a net savings of $5,468 to your premium due to it remaining non-compensable. You choose KOS and contact your worker immediately to discuss how it will work.

  • Quick notification results in a $16,794 swing in this claims impact to you!

So, this is simple, right? When your Retro or workers’ compensation partner focuses on immediacy, claims are managed strategically, and you are provided information to quickly make the best business decisions possible.

Knowing your options when it comes to a workers’ comp partner is also critical. Be sure to check out this article from our CFO on what you should look for in a Retro group. As an executive who talks, thinks, and muses about numbers all dayespecially cost savings strategiesBrandon shares his thoughts on assessing attributes of Retro groups.


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