Rely on your dedicated claims manager to expertly handle all your claims. From return-to-work strategies to advocating with L&I on your behalf, they've got your annual premium top of mind.


Proactive and Strategic Claims Management

You can expect your claims manager to analyze, investigate, and research each and every claim. They’ll talk to doctors, advocate for you with L&I and do whatever else is needed to bring your claim to closure. When something doesn’t add up they’ll get to the bottom of it. Is a previous employer partially responsible for your workers’ occupational disease claim? They’ll find out. We understand how each claim can impact not just your people, but also your annual premium and retro refund. We take our job of closing claims quickly and fairly very seriously.

Your Dedicated Claims Manager

At Vigilant you're assigned a dedicated claims manager, not a hotline or call center. Your dedicated claims manager will learn the ins and outs of your business and company culture; they are your main point of contact for claims and return-to-work efforts. You don’t need to wait around for us or hunt us down to take action. They start working on your claim when we receive it and don’t stop until it’s resolved.

Data Analytics

Having access to data is one thing. Knowing what to do with it is another. Your claims manager uses your injury and claims data, supplemented with an array of benchmarking data, to recommend strategies that align with your business objectives. Wondering about Kept On Salary, or if the new equipment your considering would reduce injuries enough to be worth it? Because of the depth of our understanding of L&I and your data, your claims manager can provide you will real time ROI analysis for any of these scenarios.


Your worker can stay engaged, active, and resume normal pay much faster. Inadequate return-to-work also increases annual premiums and lowers refunds. Your claims manager knows that developing return-to-work strategies after a claim has happened is often too late. To get ahead of the curve your dedicated safety professional and your claims manager will help you pre-identify opportunities for light duty return-to-work.

Ongoing Review and Analysis

Your dedicated claims manager partners with your safety professional and your Vigilant Law Group employment attorney. This relationship provides insights to trends and information that could be leading to some of your most costly injuries. By combining claims data with cost trends your claims manager is able to make targeted recommendations for claims management strategies and drive claims to closure more quickly and fairly. A higher percentage of closed claims means less volatility in your premium and a larger retro refund. More predictable premium and bigger refunds sounds like a great match!