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Vigilant Leadership Advantage: Supervisor

Course Description

Vigilant Leadership Advantage, Supervisor combines group learning and on the job experience to provide the ultimate leadership development experience for your supervisors. If you are looking to retain and develop your key talent, then VLA is the program for you.

Leaders Learn by Doing

One of the best forms of learning is doing. With the VLA program your future leaders will take their learning out of the classroom and apply it on-the-job.

Group Learning Equals Exponential Learning

Program participants will have the opportunity to capitalize on one another’s resources and skills, asking for information, evaluating ideas, and monitoring work, therefore both accelerating and enhancing their learning opportunities.

Practical Knowledge & Real-World Application

VLA provides your next generation of leaders the knowledge, skills and wisdom gleaned from some of the strongest leaders and managers in the field. This isn’t your typical training program. This is a facilitated, 5-month group learning, on-the-job practicum where program participants take their learning out of the classroom and into the real world. If you are looking to take your supervisors to the next level, VLA is the program for you.

Vigilant’s own best of the best member companies participated in creating this program. Leaders, managers and supervisors from several industries joined together in the development of this program that focuses on corporate alignment, making tough decisions, identifying future leaders, driving innovative solutions and much more.

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