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Vigilant Leadership Advantage for Supervisors

Course Description

Vigilant Leadership Advantage for Supervisors combines group learning and on-the-job experience to provide the ultimate leadership development experience for your supervisors. If you are looking to retain and develop your key talent, then VLA is the program for you.

Group Learning Equals Exponential Learning
Program participants will have the opportunity to capitalize on one another’s resources and skills, asking for information, evaluating ideas, and monitoring work, therefore both accelerating and enhancing their learning opportunities.

Practical Knowledge & Real-World Application
VLA provides your next generation of leaders the knowledge, skills and wisdom gleaned from some of the strongest leaders and managers in the field. This isn’t your typical training program. This on-the-job practicum takes learning out of the classroom and into the real world. If you are looking to take your supervisors to the next level, VLA is the program for you.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training program, you will be able to:

• Learn how to maintain high safety, ethical, and moral standards consistent with the company’s vision and values.
• Be proficient in the company’s business processes, systems, and tools.
• Continuously monitor your team’s standards in the way they interact with others both inside and outside of the company.
• Build a positive team atmosphere where individuals share the same goals and support the culture of the company.
• Be a confident leader who can manage the business as if you own it.
• Develop the global vision required to be a strategic contributor to the company.
• Build trusting working relationships with peers, management, and other departments to create synergies and efficiencies.
• Be a model of service to your team and give back to your company and the community.

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