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Time Management & Delegation

Course Description

Most managers and supervisors face the inevitable challenge to accomplish more with less. The result too often is 12-hour days with no end in sight. Time is the great equalizer - there are 60 minutes per hour, whether you use them well or poorly. Since you can’t find more, buy more, save more or get more time, learn to use each minute as if there were a finite supply available. Additionally, delegation is the single most effective tool we have in our arsenal for developing our staff, yet few leaders have any training on how to delegate effectively. Utilize these tools to more effectively manage your time and improve your delegation skills.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training program, you will be able to:

• Identify time wasters and ways to address them.

• Structure your workload around the highest priorities.

• Streamline the flow of your paperwork, telephone calls and e-mail.

• Illustrate which tasks are appropriate to delegate and which are not.

• Select the best person to perform a delegated task.

• Formulate an overall delegation plan for your employees.

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