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The Totally Responsible Person® — Part 2

Course Description

TRP® is a practical workshop that will help employees learn innovative and proven ways to control negative emotions, beliefs and habits that impeded cooperation and productivity in the workplace.

The workshop will help each participant see themselves as an “owner,” not just an employee; as someone who is responsible for how they handle any given situation and is accountable to others, as well as themselves. Each participant will learn proven techniques to move beyond blame and judgment and gain the confidence and tools needed to interact with others in a positive, constructive and respectful way. TRP focuses on infusing an organization with a culture of responsibility, cooperation, respect and teamwork.

Part II

This two-part series focuses on personal accountability and helping leaders to become a Totally Responsible Person TRP®. This workshop covers nine foundational principles.

We can learn to deal with the “victim mentality” in ourselves and others.

This re-centers the “locus of control” within ourselves, and reaps profound benefits in our personal and professional lives. Falling into the victim mentality is easy. Recognizing when you are doing it might be startling to some people but none the less recognizing it and responding appropriately is critical to any team’s success.

Serving others and the greater good is a key to success and fulfillment—and to uncovering greater meaning and purpose in life.

Whether it is internal or external customers it is important to remember focusing your energy on helping others changes things.

We help others to mature and become more responsible—to grow—by not rescuing or enabling any of their victim thoughts, attitudes or behaviors.

Helping your leaders learn to support their subordinates without enabling or rescuing them will help to build a more competent and capable team now and into the future.

We get back from life whatever we put into it: good or ill.

What goes around comes around. Help your supervisors and managers recognize the profound effect they have on those around them and the profound effect on their success as a leader.

“Character” and “Values” are the basis for any successful life and corporate endeavor.

Character can be consciously developed (and our values made preeminent). In an age when character and values seem hard to find, this principle will help your teams understand the importance of building their personal character and modeling those characteristics and how to leave a valuable legacy with their teams and your company.

Practicing these values shifts the culture of an organization from blame and criticism to respect, acceptance of responsibility, personal fulfillment and increased success. In short, TRP® helps organizations thrive—even in the midst of change or adversity.

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