Course Description

With the broad range of backgrounds, personalities and working styles that employees bring to the table, conflicts and differences of opinion begin to weaken morale and reduce productivity.

Any professional race car driver will tell you that the race can be won or lost in the pits. Each member of the pit crew must coordinate their work with the efforts of others, and deal constructively with unanticipated problems.

Similarly, you need the full participation of everyone on your team for your company to come out ahead. Are your teams unable to make effective decisions that all members support? Do team members take ownership of their roles and responsibilities on the team? In order to improve employee relations, a leader must take steps to create a work environment that will strengthen team spirit.

Well-functioning teams need the opportunity to bond, build trust and learn how best to communicate with each other. This workshop engages participants in a variety of hands-on, small and large-group exercises that encourage personal contributions and an appreciation of the combined assets and resources of the entire team. This team building experience allows them to work collaboratively on issues relevant to their workplace. During the class, participants will discover how they handle problem solving at work. They will identify and create a strategy to eliminate barriers that are preventing them from achieving high levels of performance, including their own ability to resolve conflict in the workplace.

As one of the most popular training courses for employee development, this workshop will give your teams the tools to work together successfully. The increased understanding of their co-workers will strengthen relationships and provide the common bond that improves their quality of work life. Then, each person will see how they have an active leadership role in creating a sense of teamwork in their workplace.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training program, you will be able to:

  • Identify behaviors that either build or undermine team work.
  • Assess your personal team leadership qualities.
  • Establish trust, collaboration and morale among team members by putting them through challenging exercises that require use of their communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Practice and utilize ways to build stronger teams within your workplace.

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