Vigilant Training Courses

Preventing Harassment for Supervisors and Crew

Course Description

Vigilant offers several training options to help your employees and supervisors understand the laws prohibiting harassment and, more importantly, their responsibility to maintain a respectful work environment. Each interactive class uses examples relevant to your work environment to show why certain behavior is inappropriate and how your company will respond. All classes are taught by Vigilant Law Group attorneys and are conducted in-person unless otherwise noted.

The training involves both supervisors and their crew. We’ll review applicable laws and your company policies protecting employees from harassment and bullying (e.g. harassment, violence, and mutual respect policies) and how to engage as a bystander. Employees will then be dismissed, and supervisors will receive additional training on how their action or inaction can create liability for the company, and how to spot, confront, and document inappropriate behavior.    

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training program, you will be able to:

  • List three types of illegal harassment.
  • Identify behavior that constitutes illegal harassment and bullying.
  • Understand your rights and resposibilities in your company policies.
  • (For supervisors) Describe two ways employers can be held liable for harassment.
  • (For supervisors) Learn how to spot, confront, and document harassing and inappropriate behavior.

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