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New Hire Safety Leadership

Course Description

New Hire Safety Leadership

New hires need to feel trusted and know they are in a safe work environment. Frontline leaders need to know their role in new hire safety and be accountable for their employees’ knowledge of safe behaviors. Our New Hire Safety Leadership program teaches first line operations’ leads, supervisors, and managers how to create an environment for open dialogue and two-way communication, so safety concerns are discussed more frequently, and effectively. This process creates a sustainable trusting and safe culture for all employees. A safe employee is a happier employee, and a happier employee is more productive because they feel cared for by their employer.

Learners Learn by Doing
Unlike typical training programs, this is a facilitated, group learning, on-the-job practicum where program participants attend weekly meetings for one month. After each meeting, they take their learning out of the classroom and apply it to the real world (at their facilities and worksites).

Real-time employer injury data to improve safety for new employees
Our New Hire Safety Leadership program was developed based on workers’ compensation trend data identifying 30 percent (or higher) injury frequency rates for workers with less than one year on the job. These injuries are generally minor, but over time the unsafe behaviors that lead to those minor injuries can lead to more severe injuries in the future. These injuries have a negative impact on everyone involved, affecting not only the injured worker but also their family, friends, co-workers and employer. For employers, the collateral effect of these injuries hinders the company’s growth and future success among competitors.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the foundation of safety leadership.
  • Know your responsibilities and accountability for new hire safety.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your role in the current new hire orientation process.
  • Create a plan for new hire communication on a frequent basis.
  • Learn active listening techniques to improve transparency and open dialogue with new hires.
  • Integrate key improvements to your role in the new hire orientation process to create a sustainable safety culture for new employees.

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