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Investigating Accidents

Course Description

Whether it’s a near miss, an incident or an actual accident, one of the best ways to avoid further issues is to look at the conditions that led up to the occurrence and examine the at-risk behaviors that are tolerated by a company’s safety culture.

In other words, it’s important to understand that it’s not about laying blame, it’s about understanding the root causes of how an incident occurred in the first place, then taking steps to avoid those behaviors in the future so you can improve workplace safety company-wide.

When conducting safety investigations, employees must be equipped with the knowledge and tools required to gather objective information and focus on facts, rather than hearsay or opinion. Adequately conducting a root cause analysis is a key skill and form of competency that all employees should know how to do. With this workplace safety course, employees will feel more confident in their abilities to conduct effective safety investigations that result in a safer work environment by going beyond surface causes and learning how to correct underlying system deficiencies. 

Then, employees will be able to encourage proactive management of workplace safety issues by offering recommendations to prevent recurrence and following up on any implemented changes. Participants will walk away feeling positive about their abilities to properly investigate issues and will see their role as being a critical part of the workplace safety management team, regardless of their position in the company.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training program, you will be able to:

  • View investigations as a means of continuous improvement.
  • Better identify potential accidents and propose change before accidents happen.
  • Gather information and establish the facts. 
  • Conduct an effective root cause analysis.
  • Develop recommendations and actions to prevent recurrence.
  • Document findings and follow-up.

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