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Five Fundamentals of Supervision

Course Description

They’ve been rewarded for one skill (such a managing a process) and being asked to do another one (such as managing people). We give them a new title and hope that the leadership skills required to be successful in that role will somehow come with it. Yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Leadership skills have to be developed and practiced before leaders will feel confident and comfortable in their new role. This course outlines five leadership fundamentals that can be used immediately in the workplace, such as how to motivate others, give great feedback, hold people accountable, establish standards and communicate clearly. It all starts with performance standards that are actionable, observable and measurable. Then, leaders must hone their communication skills to make the expectations clear, motivate employees, provide quality feedback, and hold everyone accountable.

During this class, you will learn and practice helpful tips to help you do just that, resulting in better employee relations and improvement in performance. Leadership is, as much as anything, a different way of thinking. This course will get you thinking about leadership differently. Then, you’ll practice these key leadership fundamentals to improve your leadership skills. 

“It was a practical course that will be easy to implement the topics learned.”

Participant from a food manufacturing company

“The exercises were very helpful in getting us all to put what we were learning into action.”

Participant from a food manufacturing company

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training program, you will be able to:

  • Write and communicate clear performance standards.
  • Provide high quality feedback that rewards outstanding performance and coaches for performance improvement.
  • Create a workable accountability system for your department.
  • Practice the techniques outlined in class for handling employee push-back through role play.
  • Apply effective motivational techniques.

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