Course Description

eVIGILANT LEADERSHIP ADVANTAGE is not typical training.

Vigilant Leadership Advantage is a leadership development program designed to develop leaders through practical on-the-job activities, and eVLA is the online version of our traditional VLA program. The program builds leadership qualities and confidence. With eVLA participants learn by doing, taking their learning away from the computer and applying it on-the-job involving direct reports, teams, supervisors and more, creating an invaluable learning experience that will stay with the participant long after the training is complete.

Participants benefit from content gleaned directly from the strongest leaders and managers in the field with proven track records of high performance. With eVLA individuals can move at their own pace to learn the content and complete on-the-job tasks. All participants need is access to a computer anytime, anywhere. The online program guides them through the learning steps, assigns tasks and allows them to record and track their learning online.

The results are a fast path to mastery, better retention and sustainable long-term company success. eVLA Safety will advance safety leaders while also teaching them to build a positive culture throughout the organization by focusing on business results. eVLA Supervisors develops top-notch front-line supervisors.

The entire program consists of 3 modules. Participants must begin with Module 1 and progress through one or all of the 3 modules.

MODULE 1: Building trust, maintaining high ethical standards, embracing the company’s vision, making tough decisions, adhering to and enforcing company’s policies and procedures and aligning personal and team goals to enhance team performance.

Module 2: Understanding business processes, systems and tools, recognizing the impact on internal and external customers, driving forecasted growth, building a positive team atmosphere, creating appropriate connections with each member, acknowledging and encouraging innovative solutions to business problems.

Module 3: Managing as if they are business owners, making hard leadership decisions, accepting the consequences of their actions, operating autonomously in uncertain times, building future leaders, owning their own growth and preparing themselves for advancement.

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