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Conflict Resolution

Course Description

Most people dislike or fear conflict in the workplace, so they avoid it or ignore it, thinking that the issue will go away or resolve itself on its own, only to find that the conflict gets worse.

Shifting how we view conflict can help us overcome the fear and anxiety as well as other emotions that are associated with it. When we become willing to seek a resolution and are open to some compromise, we are simultaneously shifting our viewpoint on conflict from “win/lose” thinking to “win/win.” This kind of thinking increases our chances of getting mutually agreeable solutions that last.

During this workshop, you will also be learning about different conflict styles and how those styles impact conflict resolution. Additionally, you will learn the difference between passive, aggressive, and assertive approaches in conflict and how each approach can get different results when you’re problem solving at work. Assertive communication skills, such as active listening, are reviewed and practiced in class in small group role plays.

Every leader is expected to effectively address conflict in the workplace. This workshop will add to your toolbox of effective management skills and improve your overall leadership ability by giving you the strategies you need to resolve conflicts when they arise. This workshop leaves you with workable guidelines and skills for dealing with unpleasant situations while keeping professional workplace relationships intact. No need to fear conflict again!

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training program, you will be able to:

  • Assess your conflict style and list the advantages and disadvantages of each style.
  • Practice specific techniques in the art of managing conflict.
  • Utilize a six-step process for resolving conflicts when they arise.
  • Apply methods that can achieve win/win solutions.
  • Practice a few tricks that can greatly reduce or even eliminate conflict in the workplace.

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