If you are a manufacturer with employees in Washington considering joining a Retrospective Rating Program, we’d love it to be ours. Here are some frequently asked questions about our Retro Program.

Will we be assigned a dedicated claims manager, or have multiple people to work with?

No hotlines or call centers here, you’ll get a dedicated claims manager committed to learning your business practices and company culture. As a participant in the Vigilant Manufacturing Retro Program, your claims manager will handle all your claims. They’ll work with L&I, medical providers, workers’ comp attorneys and your team, with the goal to help you navigate the complex workers’ compensation laws in Washington and resolve claims as soon as appropriate. In addition to a assigned claims manager, you’ll receive a dedicated safety professional to assist with targeted loss prevention efforts, and access to a dedicated employment attorney through Vigilant Law Group.

What is the underwriting process for your group? How do you handle members with high losses? Have you ever removed members for having high losses?

We take the financial health of the retro program very seriously, particularly since the performance of one member affects the outcomes for all. We regularly review group and individual member performance. Our analytical tools and expertise allow us to identify potentially problematic members very early and begin interventions. Most often this is sufficient in improving performance; however, we will not compromise the integrity of the group and in cases where these efforts have been unsuccessful, we have removed participants from the program. In most cases these members continue to work with us in order to improve performance to a level that results in being welcomed back into the group.

This is a retro, why the focus on annual premium?

Yes, retro programs are designed to incentivize safety by returning a portion of a company’s premium over three “adjustments.” Be assured we’ve got our eye on that incentive at all times! We also think it's important to help our members keep their money in the first place. Through careful review of each member company’s individual performance data, we’re able to help identify areas for improvement that will ultimately improve employee safety. Safer workplaces lead to lower premiums, better employee morale and, you guessed it, bigger retro refunds.

Does Vigilant require a kept on salary (KOS) program?

We do not employ a blanket KOS requirement. Instead, we advise our members to utilize KOS when it makes sense. We have the unique expertise to help companies evaluate the financial return on investment, the practical implementation and potential cultural impacts of a KOS program. Our goal is to help you understand the potential outcomes when choosing to utilize KOS and allow you to make the decision that is right for your company.

How long has Vigilant sponsored a retro program?

Our group was formed in 1984, one year after Labor & Industries started the retro program. We’ve been helping members with loss prevention and workers’ compensation advice in the manufacturing and agriculture industries ever since.

Has the Vigilant Manufacturing Retro Program ever been charged a penalty assessment premium by L&I?

No, we have never been charged a penalty premium; however, if we ever face an assessment, we would access the funds from our penalty reserve trust rather than put the financial burden on our members. Providing financial protection for our members is always top of mind. We have remained responsible in our plan choices to avoid undue risk, and choose a plan design that maximizes refunds at tolerable levels of risk.

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