Lower your workers' compensation costs with our Retro program

Washington manufacturing employers benefit from a dedicated team and suite of services to help lower workers' comp costs. Earn premium refunds being part of a group of companies dedicated to keeping employees safe and working.

Suite of Services    

In good company

As a member of Vigilant's Retro group you are surrounded by other best-in-class employers committed to having each employee leave work in the same shape in which they arrived and lowering workers’ compensation premiums. To ensure this we focus on three key areas:

  • Meticulous vetting and rigorous underwriting
  • Sophisticated and customized analytics to drive decisions
  • A holistic approach to lowering your workers' compensation costs, with all the services you need in one place

Data driven

Preventing injuries in the first place is the number one way to lower workers' comp costs. Taking that a step further, is coupling your safety and claims data with sophisticated analytical tools to help you make informed business decisions. Whether it's learning from past claims, or predicting your premium, our team has advanced analytical expertise to help determine which strategies to implement and which levers to pull at what time.

Proactive and strategic claims management

Passive claims management leads to bad, out of control and costly claims results, which in turn drives your premiums higher. Your dedicated claims manager knows who to contact at L&I, and how to get positive outcomes; they drive the process with your input and on your behalf. We'll help you quickly evaluate strategies such as kept-on-salary or light-duty work for each and every claim to ensure it is managed appropriately.
Claims management

Safety and loss prevention

Keeping workers safe is about more than knowing OSHA and WISHA codes and avoiding citations. While this is a good start, sustainable injury prevention is our goal for you. Working closely with your claims manager and using analytics specific to your company, your dedicated safety professional will help you identify root causes, understand when and where accidents happen, and how to best focus your prevention efforts.
Loss prevention

Vigilant Law Group employment attorneys

Your dedicated Vigilant Law Group employment attorney will provide counsel on sticky workers’ compensation issues, leave management, terminations, and much more. Our attorneys work closely with your Vigilant claims manager and safety professional to help safely (and legally) get your injured employees back to work.

Quick facts
  • Our main focus will always be to lower your annual premium and keep employees safe and working.
  • Our group was formed in 1984, one year after Labor & Industries started the retro program.
  • The Vigilant Retro Program has never been assessed a penalty, but we are well prepared in the event of an adverse year with our Penalty Reserve Trust of more than $5 million.
  • We do not require a kept-on-salary program, instead we help our members evaluate the use of this tool with precision, using it when it makes sound financial sense.

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