Laser focused loss prevention programs. Driven by Data.
The foundation of great workers' compensation services including a retro.


Reduce Workplace Injuries, Workers' Compensation Injuries, and Create A Culture of Care

With data specific to your company, your dedicated Vigilant safety professional goes beyond DOSH regulations, safety manuals, and monthly safety meetings to help keep your workers safe. Identifying the loss trends with the largest premium impact is great, but our safety professionals take it further. They’ll work with you to identify root causes and make recommendations for remedies. There is no better way to demonstrate care for your employees than your commitment to safety.

Safety starts with every employee, is managed day-to-day by your supervisors, and is supported and driven by company leadership. Let your dedicated safety professional work with your team to ensure safety is a daily priority and not an afterthought. From site hazard assessments to unlimited counsel, we’ll take the guesswork out of managing a safe workplace.

Site Hazard Assessment

Your Vigilant safety professional is your second set of eyes and ears when it comes to identifying and correcting unsafe conditions and behaviors. They assist with fall and moving parts protections, surveying sound levels, ensuring proper design and use of equipment through ergonomic assessments, and much more. With a focus on root causes, we’ll conduct a thorough site safety inspection and provide a report of our findings with photos and recommendations to remedy them.

Return on Investment Analysis

One of the toughest things to quantify is the financial impact of specific safety initiatives or programs. Your experienced Vigilant safety professional is able to work with you to recognize the injuries that are costing the most, identify possible solutions and complete the ROI analysis so that you can see the premium reduction as a result of each initiative. Now you can more sharply focus your loss prevention investment.


Safety Policy Program Evaluation

Safety policies should be updated regularly. It’s important to review your safety programs to ensure your policies and procedures are up to date, reflective of your current safety work practices, and that employees are being trained effectively. Your dedicated safety professional will work with you to review, update and develop your safety programs to ensure your safety policies and programs meet or exceed DOSH regulations.


Ongoing Review and Analysis

As a recipient of Vigilant's workers' compensation services, your dedicated safety professional partners with your claims manager and your Vigilant Law Group employment attorney. This relationship provides unique insights to the trends and information that could be leading to some of your most costly injuries. By combining claims data with loss trends, your Vigilant safety professional will help design loss prevention programs and initiatives targeted at lowering your annual premiums for Workers’ Compensation to L&I. The impact of this targeted effort is compounded by the additional refunds that come with reduced losses. Lower premiums and bigger refunds sound like a great match!