Organizational Learning & Development

Vigilant Leadership Advantage (VLA)

Empower your workforce to take their leadership to the next level with VLA, a development program that leverages powerful group learning and on-the-job experience. VLA has immediate and widespread impact on your organization.

Advanced Leadership Development

The ability to develop and advance top talent is essential for a company to achieve sustainable, long-term success. Vigilant Leadership Advantage (VLA) is an unprecedented development program that addresses this essential business demand. If you are looking to retain and develop your key talent, then VLA is the development program for you.

  • Leaders Learn by Doing
    One of the best forms of learning is doing. VLA is rooted in real-life experience, taking future leaders out of the classroom and to-the-job where they perform weekly tasks, providing immediate impact and improved learning retention.
  • Group Learning Equals Exponential Learning
    Throughout the program participants capitalize on one another’s resources and skills, asking for information, evaluating ideas, and monitoring work, therefore both accelerating and enhancing learning opportunities.

Practical Knowledge & Real-World Application

VLA provides your next generation of leaders current knowledge, skills and wisdom gleaned from some of the strongest leaders and managers in the field – you won’t find theories or books in the VLA curriculum. Participants and employers alike can take comfort in knowing they can apply their learning immediately, in today’s workplace.

Efficient Delivery

The VLA program is designed with the utmost flexibility in mind allowing your current and future leaders to fully participate no matter where their responsibilities may take them. While the program commences with an initial face-to-face launch session, thereafter, participants complete the experiential learning program in peer groups that meet for one hour over the phone each week. Professionally trained facilitators lead the group throughout the six-month development program and learning progress is recorded online.


Who Should Invest

If you’re serious about developing future leaders and replicating top talent in your organization, this program is for you. The VLA model has been successfully utilized by prominent Fortune 500 companies for more than ten years. We are making it available to employers of all shapes and sizes, across various industries and geographies.

Current VLA Programs

We currently offer three Leadership Advantage programs:

VLA: Supervisors

Vigilant’s own best of the best member companies participated in creating this program. Leaders, managers and supervisors from several industries joined together in the development of the curriculum that focuses on corporate alignment, making tough decisions, identifying future leaders, driving innovative solutions and much more.

VLA: Safety

Our safety leadership program addresses the leadership gap among those who oversee the safety of your workforce. This program is for anyone looking to create leaders within work environments where safety is key, regardless of the participant’s title or formal role. Check out a case study or view our video to learn about results from VLA Safety program participants.

eVLA: Supervisor and Safety

eVLA: Supervisor and eVLA: Safety are offered in an online, content-driven, self-paced format at a lower price point. Participants benefit from the VLA content gleaned directly from the strongest leaders and managers in the field but with the ability to move at their own pace to learn the content and complete on-the-job tasks. All participants need is access to a computer anytime, anywhere. The online program guides them through the learning steps, assigns tasks and allows them to record and track their learning.

Custom VLA Programs

VLA can be customized to fit nearly any job role, at any level, in any industry. Past programs include everything from production roles, executive leadership, sales, quality, customer service, fulfillment, and more.

For questions about how custom programs can be created for your talent and expertise, contact Vigilant today.