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Jun 13, 2018

Why Vigilant Retro, according to member Fabrication Products, Inc.

Workers’ Comp 

Why We Stay Vigilant: A few minutes with one of our Retro Group members.
We recently asked the owner and president of Washington manufacturer, Fabrication Products, Inc.—a member for more than 17 years—what she thought about teaming with Vigilant.

What made you decide to join the Vigilant Workers’ Comp Retro Group?
We partnered with Vigilant in 2001. We had been a member of another retro group before that and they were not fully serving our needs. We not only were receiving poor claims oversight but had to depend on ourselves and even L&I for help with our safety program. We were just disappointed with their overall lack of performance and poor communication. In addition, they didn’t even scratch the surface in regards to the safety help that Vigilant offered. We like Vigilant’s full package, including claims management, the assistance we have received to help us develop a thriving safety program, and the support with our human resources needs.

Which goals has the Vigilant Workers’ Comp Retro Program helped your company achieve?
From day one, Vigilant really helped to set the tone for safety with its robust safety counsel. They have helped us establish a culture of safety in our workplace through a joint effort of Vigilant’s safety professionals, our management and our employees. Also, the advocacy with L&I and claims oversight that Vigilant provides is unparalleled. We have great communication with our claims manager. She digs in with every claim to make sure we’re not paying a penny more than we should. In doing so, our claims have been reduced dramatically in the past five years bringing our EMR (Experience Modification Rating) from 1.8 down to .49.

Is there anything else noteworthy about your experience with us?
I really like the complete integration of safety, claims management and employment law that Vigilant offers. Vigilant does serve all of our needs, they are a complete package.

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