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Nov 04, 2020

WEBINAR: The Aftermath of 2020 - Mental Illness at Work, 12/3/20

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2020 was historic in ways no one expected. As the year ends and COVID-19 fatigue sets in (along with a healthy dose of economic uncertainty, political fights, and social unrest), mental health is becoming one of the biggest challenges facing employees and their employers. Unlike physical injuries, mental illness can show up as subtle, erratic behavior that is easy to miss or dismiss until it becomes unhealthy or even dangerous. These challenges are amplified at work, where employers have a duty to protect employees, but to also avoid discrimination. 

Join us as we jump feet-first into the grey area of mental health accommodation, discussing current data and trends, as well as using real-life scenarios to help you understand your role in disability notice, interaction, and effective resolution.

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Presenter: Jodi Slavik
Employment Attorney & Strategic Services Director, Vigilant

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