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Oct 28, 2021

12/2 WEBINAR RECORDING: Where are my employees?! How to fix five modern attendance dilemmas.

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Even before COVID-19 completely changed traditional work practices, reliable employee attendance was a challenge. Jobs—whether remote or not—require time spent on task. However, Millennial and Gen Z employees want to work when they want and where they want. And new state and federal laws give employees more time off of work for medical, military, civic, and personal reasons. This leaves managers wondering: “Can I expect employees to be at work five days a week? And what if they aren’t…is discipline still an option?”

In this high-energy, interactive session, Jodi tackles the trending employment issue of managing employee attendance in the midst of cultural and legal change. The session will help HR professionals and company leaders:

  • Define realistic attendance expectations for each job;
  • Discipline absentee employees without triggering legal protections;
  • Identify gaps in supervisor training;
  • Draft clear, effective remote work agreements; and

Revamp attendance bonuses and other incentives to use relevant (and legal) metrics.

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