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Oct 15, 2020

WASHINGTON: More rule changes for Paid Family and Medical Leave

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The Washington Employment Security Department (ESD) continues to tinker with the state’s Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) rules, finalizing more changes on October 2, 2020. These latest rules mainly relate to legislative changes passed this year in SHB 2614 and minor tweaks to a handful of definitions. The revised rules are posted on ESD’s current rulemaking webpage (scroll down to the “Legislative changes” and “Placement” sections and click on the links following “Adopted rules.”)

ESD added rules on the process for employees to file complaints against their employers, investigation of those complaints, and potential damages if ESD finds employer violations. New rules were also added to define child “placement” for adoption or foster care, and explain how ESD will determine the premium rate for each calendar year. None of these rule changes impact employer policies or practices.

Tips: Our Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave Policy, was recently updated to comply with all of these changes. If you have general questions about PFML, our leave comparison chart is a good starting point: Federal, Oregon and Washington Leave Comparison Chart. You can also reach out to your Vigilant Law Group employment attorney for assistance.

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