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Sep 29, 2017

Washington L&I Proposes Lower Workers’ Comp Rates in 2018

Workers’ Comp 

Safety in the workplace pays. That’s why Washington employers can expect an average 2.5 percent drop in workers’ comp base rates in 2018.

According to the state Department of Labor & Industries, the proposed rate decrease is the result of improved workplace safety as well as initiatives to help injured workers recover sooner, including light or modified duty while an injured worker heals.

Employers Can Save Even More
Your base risk class rates are just one part of the workers’ comp premium equation. One way to control your costs is through reduction of your experience modification factor (EMR). Your EMR is based on your individual losses, and acts as a direct multiplier to your base risk class rates. Two ways you can control your EMR are by reducing the number of injuries through strong preventative measures and establishing light and/or modified duty programs for injured workers.

Keep in mind that even if the lower rates are approved, the actual costs to individual employers will vary by industry and their own workers’ comp claims experience.

Take Advantage of Safety Services
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