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Nov 06, 2014

VLA Safety is in high demand! We’re now offering a session on 12/4/14 - Reserve one of the few seats

Safety and Health 

Due to member demand, we are offering a December VLA Safety session beginning on 12/4/2014.

Due to member demand, we are offering a December VLA Safety session beginning on 12/4/2014. If you have interest in one of the few remaining seats please contact us as soon as possible.

Vigilant Leadership Advantage (VLA) advances the leadership skills, knowledge and expertise of your safety leaders through group learning and on-the-job experience. This isn't your typical training program; this is a 5-month, leadership development program that takes learning out of the classroom and into the real world. While the program commences with an initial face-to-face launch session, thereafter participants complete the experiential learning program in peer-groups that meet for one hour over the phone each week.

- VLA Safety will launch December 4th - only a few seats remain
   Reserve your spot now.

For more information on VLA Safety visit, view our brochure, or contact one of our regional account executives:
Reneé Huseby (WA) 425-349-4477    Bryon Bailey (OR) 503-620-1710     Amanda Rusk (CA) 916-231-6000

VLA Safety
Our safety leadership program addresses the leadership gap among those who oversee the safety of your workforce. This program is for anyone looking to create leaders within work environments where safety is key, regardless of the participant’s title or formal role.

Why VLA?
If you are looking to retain and develop your key talent, then VLA is the program for you. Group learning and on-the-job experience set this program apart from traditional classroom training.

Leaders learn by doing.
One of the best forms of learning is doing. With the VLA program your future leaders will take their learning out of the classroom and apply it on-the-job.

Group learning equals exponential learning.
Program participants will have the opportunity to capitalize on one another’s resources and skills, asking for information, evaluating one another’s ideas, and monitoring one another’s work, therefore both accelerating and enhancing their learning opportunity.

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