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Jun 04, 2020

States are in various stages of reopening

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Vigilant member states are reopening at different rates, some on a statewide basis and some on a county-by-county basis as efforts to control the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) appear to be having an impact. Here’s a summary of the reopening status of each state:

Arizona: Businesses are open, with restrictions, as of May 16, 2020, under Phase 1. Governor Doug Ducey’s current executive order, Stay Healthy, Return Smarter, Return Stronger, requires all businesses to develop, establish, and implement policies to reduce the spread of COVID-19, following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Additional guidance is available from the Arizona Department of Health Services.

California: The state is in early Stage 2, as explained on the state’s Resilience Roadmap. As we previously reported, Governor Gavin Newsom established a four-part plan for reopening the state. Counties can move faster through Stage 2 if they demonstrate sufficient progress.

Idaho: Stage 3 of Governor Brad Little’s Stay Healthy Order is in effect as of May 30, 2020. The state is tentatively slated to move to Stage 4 on June 13 if there are no significant increases in cases of the virus. Details are available on the web page for Idaho’s stages of reopening.

Montana: Phase 2 of reopening took effect June 1, 2020, as announced by Governor Steve Bullock. The web page for Montana’s coronavirus task force includes a link to the state’s detailed plan, Reopening the Big Sky.

Oregon: Statewide guidance continues to be in place, while individual counties make their way through Governor Kate Brown’s phased approach to reopening. The governor held a press conference on June 3, 2020, announcing guidance on Phase 2, some of which has been posted in written form on the governor’s website, Building a Safe & Strong Oregon and some of which is still being developed. Most counties are in Phase 1, but many have been approved to move on to Phase 2, some as early as June 5, 2020. The governor expects Phase 2 will last for a while, possibly until a treatment or vaccine is developed.

Washington: As explained in the accompanying article in today’s newsletter, Washington Governor Jay Inslee has issued Proclamation 20-25.4, Safe Start – Stay Healthy, and issued a revised Safe Start plan, effective June 1, 2020. Individual counties are granted permission to move into another phase depending on their progress meeting specified targets. Currently, all counties are in Phase 1 or 2, and some have applied to move into Phase 3, as noted on the web page for county status and Safe Start application process.

Tips: Keep on top of the reopening guidance for your local county (if applicable) and state, as these guidelines and requirements continue to evolve. Questions? Contact your Vigilant Law Group employment attorney.

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