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Mar 01, 2010

Spotlight on Safety: Learn to embrace incident investigation


When done correctly, investigations can be used to identify deficiencies that adversely affect not only safety but also efficiency, quality, and the work environment as a whole. Sadly, a large percentage of investigations are so superficial that they risk being completely useless because real causes are never identified. Good investigations involve more than simply filling out a form; they provide the basis for deciding the likelihood of recurrence and the potential for major loss. Investigations dont need to take a lot of time when investigators are trained and know what theyre doing. With the right investigation process, managers, supervisors and employees will have confidence in their ability to identify real workplace risks that exist due to substandard work practices and conditions.

Learn to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves when workplace mishaps occur. Call your Vigilant safety professional for help or check out our Investigating Accidents class, which teaches how to identify real accident causes, and develop action-oriented prevention methods in a quick and timely fashion.

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