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Feb 15, 2010

Spotlight on Safety: Don’t forget mobile equipment in your lockout/tagout program


If your company has developed energy isolation programs (or lockout/tagout), but not written machine-specific procedures for your mobile equipment, then youre overlooking an essential piece of the program. Safety regulations require procedures to be spelled out for all pieces of equipment, including mobile equipment, and failing to do so could lead to serious injuries.

When working on the electronics of the equipment, you must disconnect the battery. Blocking the mast or carriage before working under the load is also a must. Using chains, come-alongs or chain falls, is not an effective means of energy isolation. To ensure safety, use a block or manufactured stop mechanism to ensure the load is supported in case the hydraulic system leaks or completely fails.

For recommendations or help in developing machine-specific procedures for your mobile equipment, call the manufacturer or feel free to contact your Vigilant safety professional.

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