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May 16, 2013

Should I take the Time to Audit my I-9s?

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Q: With all this talk of immigration reform and the issuance of a new I-9 form, I was wondering if I should take a look at the I-9 forms that I have completed over the years?

A: It’s always a good idea to periodically conduct an audit of your I-9s, especially if you have questions about their accuracy. Doing so can help demonstrate in any later government audit that you take I-9 compliance seriously. Be sure to follow the same procedure with each I-9 you review, and any changes you make should be made to the original I-9 form, with a single line striking out the original information and the new information added. For the sake of clarity, use a different color of ink and include the date of the change and the initials of the person making the change. Never back-date corrections or destroy original documentation. Also be sure that the details of the documents used to complete section three are properly recorded and that you have established a tickler system for re-verifying documents that have expired and need reverification. Your Vigilant staff representative can help you with an audit and answer any questions that arise.