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Mar 12, 2020

Part 4: Deconstructing a 30% retro refund - claims management

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Dear Washington Manufacturer,

The most recent letter in our series on deconstructing a 30% Retro refund highlighted the positive impact of customized and dedicated loss prevention services. This letter shares why sophisticated claims management strategies have a similar effect: lowering upfront premiums and increasing Retro refunds.

We acknowledge and sympathize with the complexity of workers’ compensation in Washington. We understand that many manufacturing employers in Washington feel like a workers’ compensation claim is something that happens to them rather than something they can influence and impact. The sobering reality is that the claims management actions you choose today will impact your company’s premium for three years! This is serious business. Navigating the muddy waters of claims management requires experience, expertise, and sophisticated data analytics. The Vigilant claims management team delivers it all.

You’ll sleep better at night knowing your dedicated Vigilant claims manager is steering the ship. Your claims manager will be your advocate to Labor & Industries (L&I), ensuring your claim gets the attention it deserves. Our process begins with the development of a robust claims management strategy based on an understanding of the claim, L&I, your business, and your employees. We help you understand the pros and cons of each claim intervention tactic as well as outline the premium impact of each decision.

Unlike many Retro programs, we don’t mandate Kept on Salary (KOS) or require you to bring a potentially toxic employee back to work. We leave the ultimate decision to you. Rather than a blanket strategy, we work with you to develop the best strategy and take the best actions for each claim and each intervention, all while keeping an eye on the impact on your premium.

Connecting real-time claims management decisions to future premiums allows you to make well-informed decisions to optimize your financial future. Our goal is to help you lower upfront premiums and increase Retro refunds over time. Don’t get lost in the myriad of claims management details: EMR snapshots, preferred worker, stay-at-work, return-to-work, light duty, kept-on-salary, validity, payment accuracy, claim reserves, board appeals, retro freeze dates, claim protests, independent medical exams, attending physicians, etc. That’s what your Vigilant claims management team is for—meet them below.

Learn more about our retro program and then give us a call.

Best Regards,

Dan Beaty, Vice President, Workers' Compensation

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