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Feb 11, 2020

Part 1: Demystifying the black box of L&I’s Workers’ Compensation

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Dear Washington Manufacturer,

Vigilant’s most recent Retro plan year is projected to earn a 30% premium refund. This is the result of obsessing and hard work. Over the next several weeks, our team will begin to deconstruct achieving a 30% refund, beginning with this letter from me on demystifying the “Black Box of L&I’s Workers’ Compensation.” Of course, this includes more than can be shared in a series of letters. The letters will give you an idea of our philosophy and knowledge and hopefully compel you to give us a call.

It’s no wonder many employers feel lost, confused, or helpless when it comes to managing their Washington workers’ compensation costs. Unfortunately, many companies have become reactive and resigned to, as well as frustrated with, Washington Labor & Industries (L&I)'s “black box” system.

Make no mistake, workers’ compensation insurance in Washington is extremely complicated. Its unique system combines the already nuanced world of insurance with the perceived and real dynamics of bureaucracy and politics. Acquiring the expertise and relationships to navigate it successfully requires a significant investment in time and resources.

It is possible to demystify the “black box” that is Washington State’s workers’ compensation system. It is possible to understand and proactively navigate the system while working collaboratively toward a better result with L&I.

At Vigilant, we believe workers’ compensation insurance costs are too significant to simply “let happen.” While there are many moving pieces behind the curtain at L&I that cannot be directly controlled, there are also many dynamics that can be known and influenced to a better outcome. It is important to have high quality data, sophisticated expertise, and strong relationships within L&I to optimize these dynamics.

We have invested heavily in becoming experts in this area. It’s what is required to provide the level of counsel, insight, and results our members need. We help Washington manufacturing employers proactively navigate the Washington workers’ compensation insurance system, reduce premiums over time and earn refunds through our consistently high performing retro program. We understand it’s unrealistic for companies to devote the necessary time, and resources required to be experts themselves, so we do it for them.

We don’t have to be victims of a complex and politically driven system. Working together, we can proactively keep employees safe and take control of workers’ compensation costs. We’d love to share more specific information with you about how this is possible. Learn about our workers' comp retro program, and then give us a call.
Best Regards,

Derek Glos
Vigilant President and CEO

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