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Nov 19, 2020

OREGON: Model documents released for COVID-19 safety rule

COVID-19Safety and Health 

The Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Oregon OSHA) recently released a model COVID-19 infection notification policy as well as an infection control plan. As part of the agency’s new COVID-19 workplace rule, on which we previously reported, all Oregon employers must establish a process to notify employees of potential workplace exposure to COVID-19 (coronavirus). If you’re an employer with more than ten workers, you must document the infection notification procedure in writing and have a written infection control plan. Use the new model documents to comply with these requirements. The agency previously released a model COVID-19 exposure risk assessment to help employers with more than ten workers comply with their obligation to document their risk assessment in writing. However, as noted on the model infection control plan, if you’re an exceptional risk workplace (regardless of number of employees), you may need to add some additional information to the model to fully comply with the rule. Oregon OSHA is expected to release more template documents related to the rule, so continue to monitor the agency’s infectious disease rulemaking webpage for updates. Vigilant will report in our newsletter on future document releases from Oregon OSHA. Contact your Vigilant safety professional with any questions.

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