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Apr 16, 2020

OREGON: COVID-19 workplace safety spot checks are coming

COVID-19Safety and Health 

Oregon OSHA recently announced it will begin spot-checking businesses for compliance with social distancing and other safety measures related to COVID-19 (coronavirus). This is in addition to the more thorough on-site inspections initiated by the agency. The on-site inspections will be driven by complaints from employees, who, as we previously reported, are being encouraged by Governor Kate Brown to report safety violations.

Enforcement activity will focus on recent complaints and those with specific allegations. Oregon OSHA reported it’s received 2,887 complaints. Approximately 1,200 of those came during the week of March 23, 2020, when the governor issued her “Stay Home, Save Lives” order. Oregon OSHA also says that the complaints have “noticeably tapered off” since April 6.

Tips For Employers: Get ahead of any potential complaints by reviewing your internal compliance with the governor’s order and the Oregon Health Authority’s (OHA) Guidance for Employers. Do everything you can to maximize the physical distance between employees and ensure surfaces they touch are cleaned before others touch them. Tailor our Model Policy, Social Distancing Policy to fit your work environment. If you learn of an imminent on-site inspection or a spot-check inspection, contact your Vigilant safety professional for assistance.

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