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Jun 18, 2020

IDAHO: State to entice workers with return-to-work cash bonuses


Idaho Governor Brad Little has announced a plan to pay between $750.00 and $1,500.00 to Idaho workers who return to work after receiving unemployment benefits. Some workers are making more money from enhanced unemployment benefits (which continue through July 31, 2020), than they did when they were working, so employers are struggling to get them to come to work. The goal of the bonus is to tip the balance back toward working. According to the Return to Work Bonuses webpage on the Idaho Rebounds website, employers apply for the bonus on behalf of workers who return to work for at least four weeks after being on unemployment. The state will then send payments to eligible workers. The state is accepting employers’ applications on a rolling basis, starting July 13 for workers who returned from May 1 through June 14 and then July 20 for workers who returned from May 1 through July 1. Applications will be accepted through August 7, 2020, or until the fund of $100 million runs out, whichever occurs first.

Tips: These bonuses are a great incentive for employers who are struggling to recruit new hires or get current employees to return to work. When making a job offer to workers who were receiving unemployment benefits, let them know about the opportunity to earn the bonus. There’s one aspect of the bonus that may give workers pause, however: If they receive a bonus, their name, the Idaho industry sector, the primary city location, and total amount will be posted on Transparent.Idaho.Gov. For specifics about eligibility and the application process, see the Return to Work Bonuses webpage.

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