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Feb 23, 2018

Finger amputation leads to safety investigation; Washington manufacturer fined $92K

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Hand and Finger Safety Starts with the Employer; Vigilant Can Help

Hazardous moving machinery poses some of the most serious safety challenges to both workers and manufacturers. If a company overlooks or fails to monitor safety procedures, how can it expect its workers to safely operate dangerous equipment that could potentially cause severe injury? A company could face steep fines but workers risk much more—the amputation or loss of use of their fingers or hands.
Sadly, one Washington food processor was held responsible for both neglect and injuries after a worker suffered partial amputation of a finger when his hand was caught in a conveyor while cleaning it. It was the third time in three years that amputation injuries had been reported at the company. After an investigation by the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) the Tumwater manufacturer was fined $92,400 for three repeat-serious violations, two serious and one general violation. As a result of the investigation, the manufacturer was also identified as a severe violator and will be subject to future inspections.

Workplace Safety with Vigilant
All the training in the world won’t help prevent accidents without the proper safety procedures and guidelines in place. Our safety team can help you develop a comprehensive program designed to address all areas of the workplace, and specifically the machinery that is responsible for the injuries. It’s just one of the benefits of participation in our Workers’ Comp Retro Group. Contact us today and find out all the ways Vigilant can help make your company a safer workplace.

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