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Feb 11, 2019

Don’t Fall for Workers’ Comp Scams

Workers’ Comp 

Vigilant Can Help Spot Fraudulent Claims That Might Slip by You

When it comes to workers’ comp fraud, you’d be surprised at how far some people will go—and how far they get. Here are just a handful of uncovered activities by injured workers that in no way could be considered focusing on “healing up” post injury.

Getting into real estate. A cook who fell on his back at work didn’t let that stop him from launching a real estate business. After being assessed by a doctor as too injured to perform any work, the employee obtained nearly $88,000 in cash benefits from L&I and his employer while at the same time acting as a realtor. Read more.

Putting one broom down and picking up another. A housekeeper at a senior center fell and injured her knees and right foot. After two months of receiving wage-replacement benefits, the housekeeper started working 30-40 hours per week for a housekeeping company and earned nearly $17,000. Read more.

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And here are some more examples!

Vigilant uncovers tattoo business fraud. A Retro Group Member saved over $150k when Vigilant exposed workers’ comp fraud by an injured worker who then faced charges for covering up a tattoo business. Read more.
Going on a kayaking expedition. A former U.S. Postal Service employee who fraudulently received more than $683K in wages and benefits after a back injury at work was arrested after enjoying a 3-day kayaking tour arranged by undercover agents. Read more.
Selling insurance. After claiming he couldn’t return to work due to an on-the-job knee injury, an employee opened an insurance business and generated profits of almost $800,000. All that while collecting $233,000 in wage-replacement checks from L&I. Read more.
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