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Dec 16, 2015

Does the Oregon Sick Leave law require us to provide more time off?

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Q: Can I use my existing paid time off policy to comply with the new Oregon Sick Leave law without adding any additional time off?

A: Possibly. You can use an existing paid leave policy (e.g. vacation or paid time off) to comply with the new law, as long as it meets all of the law’s requirements. However, most employers find they need to change a few things. For example, the law allows employees to take leave in increments as small as one hour, while most vacation policies require a larger minimum amount (e.g. four hours). In addition, all employees must be eligible for Oregon sick leave, while many current policies limit paid time off only to full-time employees. Also, be sure new employees are accruing time too. Many companies require six months or a year of employment before an employee is eligible for paid time off, but the new law says employees can take their time after 90 days of employment. There are many areas where an existing policy may not comply with the new law, so it’s best to have any attorney conduct a review. Vigilant also has resources available to help employers navigate this new law.

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