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Mar 31, 2015

Do employees occasionally working in Seattle get a minimum wage bump?

Q&AWage and Hour 

Q: Our business isn’t in Seattle but we have some employees who occasionally work there. Do we have to pay the new minimum wage to these employees starting April 1st?

A: Yes, depending on how many hours they work within the city. Similar to its Paid Sick and Safe Leave ordinance, Seattle is applying the new minimum wage for partial work in the city. The ordinance requires the new $10 minimum wage ($11 if you have over 500 employees) for every hour worked by employees that work more than two hours in a two-week period within Seattle city limits. If your employee is only driving through Seattle with no employment-related or commercial stops (except for refueling or grabbing lunch), this time does not count towards the two-hour threshold. If your employee is stopping for an occasional meeting or deliveries in Seattle, you have to be aware of the 2-hour marker. Of course, if you’re already paying a wage equal to or more than the new minimum wage, no need to track time. You only need to be aware of the annual increases to the minimum wage each year to make sure you’re above the mark. To find out what your rate is, as well as the scheduled increases, call your Vigilant attorney.

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