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Dec 14, 2017

Congratulations to Vigilant’s 2017 Safety Award Winners!

Safety and HealthWorkers’ Comp 

Vigilant’s 2017 Safety Award Winners
37 Retro Group Members Recognized for Exceptional Safety Efforts

At Vigilant, we work with our Retro Group members to detect and correct workplace conditions that could result in injuries. But safety in the workplace goes beyond complying with regulations, writing safety manuals, and holding monthly meetings.

The Vigilant Safety Awards recognize manufacturers who have gone above and beyond with their efforts and commitment to safety. This year, we are pleased to present the award to 37 members of our Workers’ Comp Retro Group. They represent manufacturing companies ranging from wood products to paper and packaging, apparel, and more. These companies promote an exceptional culture of safety not only through their commitment to preventing injuries, but also placing an emphasis on getting the worker healthy and back to work after an accident does occur.
An Award Worth Something
It’s an award we take seriously, and it’s not easy to achieve. Less than 20 percent of our members were recognized this year. Companies receive the award when both the number of claims filed and the number of time loss days paid are less than half the group’s rate. That means this year’s award winners had fewer than five claims filed and fewer than 18 days of paid time loss. Each award is hand delivered by one of our safety professionals.
The Vigilant Safety Award recognizes our partners who have gone the extra mile to create a culture of safety. Their extra efforts not only help reduce accidents and get employees back to work quicker, but will also help to reduce their L&I premiums and increase their retro refund opportunity.
Congratulations to all our 2017 Vigilant Safety Award winners. If you're not in our Retro Group and you need help with safety, we’re here for you! Learn about our Workers' Comp Retro Group today!

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