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Jul 19, 2017

Christmas in Summer - Retro Refund Checks Delivered!

Safety and HealthWorkers’ Comp 

It never gets old. The thrill of delivering refund checks to Vigilant’s Retro Group members is topped only by the delight our members get from receiving them. Last month our safety managers distributed checks to our Washington manufacturers—our 33rd year of returning some of their hard-earned money and well-spent investment.

Vigilant Retro Participant for 32 years, Pacific Fibre Products receives their retro refund check.
Pictured: Vigilant Safety Professional, Michael Sorenson and James Bobst of Pac Fibre.

Reduce Your Experience Mod Rating & Lower Your Premiums
With continued commitment to injury prevention and diligent claims management, not only do Vigilant retro participants continue to earn retro refunds, they are more likely to reduce their experience modification rating and ultimately lower the premium they pay into L&I each year.

We Take Claims Off Your Desk and Put Them on Ours
Our dedicated claims managers handle the entire claim process from start to finish, with a goal of closing claims fairly and as quickly as possible. They investigate, talk with doctors, familiarize themselves with your business, and serve as your advocate with L&I. Check out this recent claim win from a Vigilant Retro participant.

Our Safety Professionals are Dedicated—to You
Reducing and preventing injuries is key to lowering workers’ comp premiums. As a Vigilant Retro participant, you have unlimited access to and work directly with a dedicated safety professional. They are always ready to answer your questions about fall hazards, guarding, code interpretations, and anything else that concerns the safety of your employees.

Reduce Premiums and Earn Refunds
Our Retro members can reduce quarterly premiums and earn refunds on annual premiums paid to L&I. From tenacious claims management to unlimited safety, our goal is to help our members reduce overall workers’ comp costs and keep their employees safe and working.

Get started on reducing your premiums and earning refunds. Get help with claims, safety, and employment law. Get it all as a member of Vigilant’s Workers’ Comp Retro Group. Contact us today.

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