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Aug 06 2018
Q&ADisabilityHarassment & DiscriminationSafety and Health  

Q&A: “100-percent healed” return-to-work policy violates ADA

Question: To avoid workplace injuries, we require all employees to be 100-percent healed without any medical restrictions before they return to work after an illness or injury. We think this is an important policy to protect employee safety, but recently heard it might be unlawful discrimination. Is it?

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Jun 26 2018
Safety and Health  

New workers have a higher risk of on-the-job injuries

Studies show that new workers are more likely to be involved in a work-related lost time injury within the first three months of work compared to workers who have been on the job for more than one year. Knowing this information, what can you do to help lower the risk…

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May 30 2018
Harassment & DiscriminationHiringSafety and Health  

New domestic violence law expands protections in Washington

Washington has significantly revised its Domestic Violence Leave law to prohibit discrimination against applicants or employees who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking. The new law applies to all employers as of June 7, 2018, and prohibits employers from: Refusing to hire an actual or perceived victim of…

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May 09 2018
Q&ASafety and Health  

Use a numerical rating system to prioritize safety in busy times

Because deficient safety processes are the underlying causes of accidents, it is important to administer the most critical ones effectively. Here’s how employers can prioritize safety objectives when under a time crunch: Create a weighted scale for “prevention” and one for “compliance” (1-5 for effectiveness at “prevention” and 1-3 for effectiveness at “compliance,” where 1 is at the low end…

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Apr 11 2018
Safety and HealthWorkers’ Comp  

OSHA citations upheld against fab shop that improperly rigged load from crane

A federal court of appeals has confirmed two serious citations from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) against a fabrication shop when a 5,000 lb. pipe assembly was improperly rigged to an overhead crane. A pipefitter in the shop was a journey worker with 12 years of experience.…

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Mar 20 2018
Safety and HealthWorkers’ Comp  

Raise hazard awareness and reduce workplace accidents

Safe and Aware
Vigilant's Individual Hazard Assessment Program Promotes a Good Pause

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Feb 23 2018
Safety and HealthWorkers’ Comp  

Finger amputation leads to safety investigation; Washington manufacturer fined $92K

Hand and Finger Safety Starts with the Employer; Vigilant Can Help

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Feb 13 2018
Safety and HealthTermination & Resignation

Q&A: What to do when a fired employee makes a threat on the way out

Q: What should we do when a fired employee makes a threat on the way out? During a termination meeting with this employee, he promised that “he would get us all for firing him.”

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Jan 12 2018
Safety and HealthWorkers’ Comp  

Reducing workers’ comp premiums takes a team effort

Reducing Workers' Comp Premiums is a Team Effort

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Dec 14 2017
Safety and HealthWorkers’ Comp  

Congratulations to Vigilant’s 2017 Safety Award Winners!

Vigilant’s 2017 Safety Award Winners
37 Retro Group Members Recognized for Exceptional Safety Efforts

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