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Photo of Lorraine Hoffman
Aug 20 2013

Is working from home a reasonable accommodation?

Q: One of our supervisors brought in a doctor’s note saying that she can only work from home. Do we have to allow it?

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Photo of Diane Buisman
Aug 13 2013

How to respond when an employee doesn’t pass E-Verify

Q: We use E-Verify to confirm work authorization for employees, and recently received a final nonconfirmation notice for a new hire. Should we terminate him?

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Photo of Jodi Slavik
Jul 23 2013

Summer Heat Brings Summer B.O.

Q: One of my employees smells really bad, and other employees are complaining. Is body odor a disability? Should we just ignore it as an accommodation?

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Jul 11 2013

Employee SSN not essential at the time of hire

Q: Can we hire an individual who says he has applied for, but not yet received, a Social Security number?

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Jul 09 2013
Q&ADisabilityLeave Laws

Employee’s FMLA fitness-for-duty note can’t be refused

Q: An employee who has been on FMLA leave for his own serious health condition—a very serious heart condition—has given us a note from his doctor that says he’s fit to return to duty, but we have grave concerns about whether he can work safely. Can we require him to get a second opinion from our company doctor before we return him to his job?

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Jul 01 2013

Updating employee records after divorce, remarriage, and other life events

Q: During the last few months we’ve had a lot of employees getting divorced and/or remarried. We’ve had the employees update their emergency contact information, but is there anything else we should look at?

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Jul 01 2013

Investigating employee harassment on Facebook

Q: One of my employees came in with a screen shot of a Facebook post by a coworker calling him names. Other employees joined in and made comments about him. Can I discipline based on the Facebook postings?

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Photo of Karen Davis
May 29 2013

Some laminated Social Security cards okay for Form I-9

Q: May I accept a laminated Social Security card as a List C document to establish employment authorization for Form I-9 purposes?

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May 23 2013

Put a stop to workplace bullying.

Q: Our employee picks on co-workers, but it’s not harassment because it’s not based on a protected class. Should we be stepping in to stop her bullying?

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May 16 2013
Q&AWage and Hour

Should I take the Time to Audit my I-9s?

Q: With all this talk of immigration reform and the issuance of a new I-9 form, I was wondering if I should take a look at the I-9 forms that I have completed over the years?

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