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Jan 24 2017
Q&AEmployee Benefits  

Should we appeal a Marketplace employer notice issued under the ACA?

We received a Marketplace notice in the mail, stating that one of our employees has enrolled in medical insurance coverage from the Marketplace and reported she was not offered health coverage from us. We admit that she wasn’t offered insurance, but only because she works 25 hours per week. Do we need to appeal the employer notice?

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Nov 10 2016
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Alert: 2016 ballot measures and election results will impact the workplace

With the November 8, 2016, election in our rear-view mirror, we’re reporting on three significant developments that will affect the workplace: California’s ballot measure on recreational marijuana, Washington’s ballot measure on paid sick leave and minimum wage, and the presidential election’s impact on recent federal employment law developments.

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Jun 14 2016
Q&AEmployee BenefitsWage and Hour  

Cash in lieu of benefits must be included in regular rate calculation for overtime

Question: We offer health benefits to our employees. We also allow employees to “opt out” of our offered coverage if they can provide evidence that they have alternate coverage elsewhere. For those employees who “opt out” of our offered coverage, we provide a set amount of money each month. Do we have to include that amount of money in the regular rate of pay and in the calculation of the overtime rate?

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Photo of Lorraine Hoffman
Jun 03 2016
Employee BenefitsLeave Laws  

Oregon BOLI updates regulations on social media, OFLA, and domestic workers

In response to 2015 changes to employment laws, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) has finalized revised administrative rules regarding employees’ social media accounts, medical insurance during Oregon Family Leave, and domestic workers. Social Media: Employee Use and Privacy This revision clarifies that, not only is it an unlawful employment practice to…

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May 19 2016
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Is an employee out on workers’ comp entitled to health insurance?

Q: Our employee was injured at work and he’s out on a workers’ compensation claim. Are we required to carry him on our health insurance plan since this was an on-the-job injury?

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Jul 29 2015
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Can an employee who voluntarily quit still get unemployment benefits?

We just received a notice from the Employment Department letting us know that one of our former employees has filed for unemployment benefits. This employee voluntarily quit a few weeks ago; can he now qualify for unemployment?

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Apr 02 2015
Employee Benefits

How paying COBRA for departing employees may cause more harm than good

Did you know that paying COBRA health insurance premiums for separated employees may disqualify them from enrolling in private health insurance through the Federal health insurance Marketplace (Marketplace) or a state’s health Exchange (Exchange)?

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Mar 16 2015
Employee Benefits  

IRS gives small employers a break for paying individual health insurance premiums

Although the IRS has stated that reimbursing or paying the premiums for employees’ individual health insurance violates the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the agency is temporarily cutting some slack for small employers.

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Dec 10 2014
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State sponsored programs provide good options to avoid layoffs and furloughs

Q: Our company needs to scale back operations for a few weeks while we complete a project at our facility. We don’t want to lose our skilled staff; are there any programs that would give them get access to unemployment benefits while we complete the project?

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Oct 10 2014
Employee BenefitsWage and Hour

CALIFORNIA: Governor signs more 2014 legislation

California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed more bills into law from the 2013-2014 regular legislative session.

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