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Oct 18 2017
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What accommodations do pregnant employees get in Washington?

Question: One of our new employees is pregnant and has started taking frequent breaks for drinks, snacks, and using the bathroom. She is also sitting down on the job a lot. Do we have to allow this?

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Oct 16 2017
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Q&A: Offer equal amounts of paid parental leave to men and women

Question: We are a family friendly company and would like to offer 2 weeks of paid leave to new fathers and 6 weeks of paid leave to new mothers. Are we allowed to do this?

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Oct 13 2017
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Ninth Circuit okays termination of employee with sleep apnea

Finding no evidence of discrimination under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a railroad terminated a train engineer because of his poor attendance, not his diagnosed sleep disorder. Although this case was brought under FEHA, the analysis was the same as it…

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Sep 19 2017

New Washington pregnancy accommodation law is in effect

Washington has a new “Healthy Starts Act” that requires employers with 15 or more employees to provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant workers without regard to whether they are actually disabled. Upon request by employees who are pregnant or have pregnancy-related health conditions, covered employers are required to provide the following accommodations: More frequent,…

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Aug 15 2017
Vigilant NewsDisabilityLeave Laws

9/26/17 Advanced Leave & Accommodations Management: Navigating the Legal Maze

Legal and Legislative Update/Compliance Experienced HR professionals know that a classroom understanding of employment laws does not compare to real world experience handling injured, ill, and/or troubled workers. Join employment attorneys Josephine Ko and Kandis Sells, for an informative, advanced dialogue on best practices on time off, reasonable accommodation, light duty,…

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Jul 05 2017
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Q&A: Post-offer medical testing problematic when hiring temp agency employees

Question: We currently contract with a temporary employment agency for workers and will hire some of these workers after 90 days of successful work. We require all new regular employees for production and maintenance positions to undergo a pre-employment (post-offer) medical test. When we offer regular jobs to the temp…

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Jun 12 2017

Q&A: Employer doesn’t have to promote to accommodate disability

Q: We have a production employee with a medical condition whose doctor said no work “near dust or contaminants.” We tried several options, including buying a respirator and moving her to different positions on the floor. Instead she wants an open sales job that pays more. Do we have to give it to her?

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May 05 2017
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Q&A: Is leave for jail time a reasonable accommodation for alcoholism?

Question: We have an employee who requested time off because he was in jail due to a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction. We want to take action due to his excessive absenteeism. Do we have to grant him time off as a reasonable accommodation for alcoholism?

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Mar 23 2017
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Accurate job description results in dismissal of worker’s ADA claim

After an employee was terminated from her job as a groundskeeper at a community recreational park, she sued her employer under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Based primarily on the job duties listed in the employer’s written job description, a federal court agreed that the employee was not able to…

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Feb 06 2017
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Q&A: Think twice before revoking job offers based on red flags

Question: We just found out our new hire was fired from his last job for bad attendance, after which he sued the company for disability discrimination. We’re worried he’s not a fit. Can we revoke the conditional job offer?

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